Julia Gelbart

Q & A with Julia Gelbart:

Q: One of the first questions people who want to buy or sell a house is "how long have you been in real estate", so let's start with that question.

A: For twenty years I owned a business in New Haven, CT, interior design and lighting design. Thinking life could be easier and more fun, I have been a full-time realtor since 1995. The first six years in CT and in NM since 2002.

Q: OK, so you moved to New Mexico - WHY? Isn't that quite a change from Connecticut?

A: Absolutely - this is as different as it gets! Most of our Connecticut friends think we have moved to a foreign country - and I am often in agreement! (Santa Fe is called the "City Different" and it TRULY is!) My husband, Abraham, and I decided to move here while visiting Santa Fe after 9/11. We made the decision in 24 hours and just made it happen! This makes it very easy for me to work with buyers who make the move from another state - I've already experienced the challenges! I will also say my "east coast" training is helpful - making me kindly aggressive.

Q: Are you originally from CT?

A: No, I was born in Bemidji, Minnesota. Headwaters of the Mississippi River and home of Paul Bunyan! I'm really glad I had a midwestern up-bringing: good values, tolerance for cold weather, appreciation for summers without humidity, and LOTS of cookie recipes! I was really eager to leave and see the world, so I joined the Peace Corps ASAP after college.

Q: What is your real estate specialty?

A: That's a good question, because realtors usually don't specialize. My answer would be two factors of real estate. First: ethics - I am a member of Professional Standards Committee at the Santa Fe Association of Realtors, which also oversees the Grievance Committee. Realtors are licensed and the public has the expectation and right to ethics in our transactions. Second: paperwork - no one really loves the tedium of contracts and forms but knowing and handling the paperwork properly for a client can save aggravation, money, emotional fatigue, you name it! I teach classes on our real estate forms, and it is vital to be up-to-date on the "small print"! The papers we put in front of a client to sign are complex, legally binding documents and my clients need to trust that I am watching out for them!